Wrong Number


Look, you know, I really wish you’d stop calling me.

That’s not who you’re speaking to, no.

This isn’t his number.

I’m not avoiding the question. Yes, it’s the wrong number. The person you’re looking for doesn’t live here. I live alone. The wrong number. 

My name? Why would you care what my name is?

Yes, that’s me. How did you—? Ok, I guess my name is in the phone book, right?

Do I know him? What’s the—who is this?

I didn’t think you were the police. The police wouldn’t want anything with me anyway. 

Maybe, I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t know him. 

Hold on, hold on, how do you know that? That’s not public information. 

It was a, it was a startup company. We did tech. Hackers is not the right word, not at all. 

Yes, okay, Jesus, I worked with—I worked with him a little bit, briefly. We were in different departments, though. It’s not like we were friends. I don’t even know his last name or what he was into or anything. 

I really don’t know what he did. He worked with a lot of corporations and individuals. He had his hands in a lot of places, but like I said, he wasn’t a hacker. 

Yes, the company shut down about four months ago. 

Well, um, the CEO of one of our biggest partners died. Really unexpected. We couldn’t stay afloat so…we closed doors. 

No, no, no—I mean, like I said, I didn’t know the guy that well, I can’t vouche for his character, but I do not think he would have murdered anybody. 

Look, I don’t know what he was working on at the time. It’s possible he was working with your company, but what you’re suggesting is not the way we worked.

I’m sorry, are you implicating me in a crime? I worked with—we worked for the same company but we didn’t collaborate. If anything heinous happened—which it didn’t—I wouldn’t have been involved. 

For Christ’s sake, I am not harboring a criminal!

What—what do you mean you heard someone talking? Are you crazy? That’s just my kids, they’re watching TV.

Did I say I live alone? I don’t remember…I wouldn’t have said that. I, I’ve gotta take my kids to practice. I’m going to hang up the phone now. 

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